The Cool Edge single pass model pre-cooler, up to a maximum height of 72", is available in ABS plastic with ultra-violet inhibitors or optional stainless steel housing. The ABS plastic housing is only available in 5" or 7" depth allowing use of either 3", 4" or 6" pad depth. For units over 72" in height, a stainless steel housing is required. Also units requiring pad depth of 7"-24" requires stainless steel housing. Cool Edge uses CELdek® media which is manufactured from a high cellulose material with a unique cross-fluted design which induces highly turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum heat and moisture transfer.

"A" Series = Needle valve and 24V solenoid valve
"B" Series =
Needle valve only



The water distribution system is constructed to assure even water distribution to pad surface below. Adjustment should be made to coincide with 90% pad saturation on warmest day.



Different options of controls are available depending on application and can include intermittent water (pulsing) device and/or adj. thermostat control.

The P, S - 50, 70 Models are single pass systems and require the installation of a drain line to an existing condensate drain or waste vent. Recirculating systems are available on the CE-100 Models.

Each Cool Edge system is custom-made with individual customer needs and specifications accommodated. Multiple unit systems, pad thickness, electrical components, pressure switch or thermostats are but a few of the "custom" features available.



P = ABS Plastic Housing

S = Stainless Steel Housing


50 = 5" Case

70 = 7" Case

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