Cool Edge has been combining the experience of over 15 years in the business with creative ideas to lead the industry in evaporative cooling systems. Evaportation is one of the simplist and oldest methods of cooling air. With our continued technological advances, the simple principles of evaporative cooling remain the most cost-efficient method for environmental temperature control. Direct evaporative systems rely entirely on the evaporation or water for their cooling process. With that in mind, we have paid particular attention to the design of our pre-coolers from the special engineered casing with superior reservoir recycling systems or single pass systems to the specialized media and overall controls.

This catalog and information is intended to help maximize the service life and performance of your current equipment while increasing efficiency and temperature control

Theory of Operation
Direct evaporative systems rely entirely on the evaporation of water for their cooling process. Water is supplied to the top of the media and allowed to trickle down. As the water is soaking in and spreading over the highly absorbant surface of the CELdek® media, air is pulled in through the fluted openings by the existing unit's fan. This induces the turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum heat transfer. The evaporation of the water removes heat from the inlet air, which results in dropping air temperatures. This drop in air temperature before it flows through the condenser coils increases the operating efficiency of the unit. Increased efficiency leads to energy savings and extending the unit's life. Pre-coolers can be used in applications such as: air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, chillers and fresh air makeup systems. With the installation of a fan, they can also be used in green houses and to cool livestock and poultry and other applications where efficient cooling is needed. Pre-coolers are low maintenance and will usually pay for themselves by increased cooling efficiency, resulting in extending the life of the unit as well as energy savings. Evaporate systems are operated in ambients above 75 degrees F dry bulb.

The amount of cooling is spoke of in terms of evaporative efficiency. Velocity of air through the Media and the depth
of that Media, determine the evaporative efficiency. Direct evaporation occurs only in the parameter of the wet bulb depression.

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