Cool Edge pre-coolers are made of stainless steel housing with some ABS plastic components. Cool Edge uses CELdek® media which is manufactured from a high cellulose material with a unique cross-fluted design which induces highly turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum heat and moisture transfer. Case standard depth is 7". Will accomodate 3" to 6" media. CE-100 housing is available to accomodate media up to 24" in depth.



The CE-100 units have a reservoir that runs the entire width of the pre-cooler and is large enough to house a submersible pump and float. These units are excellent in conserving water while minimizing mineral deposit buildup due to the 1 1/2 gallons per foot capacity. As the water evaporates, minerals will tend to concentrate in the bottom of the reservoir and should be flushed out periodically. To ensure long pad life, when flusing the reservoir, rinse the media with fresh water. The media can become fragile when wet, so special care should be taken while handling. A bleed off tee can be installed in some applications to help minimize the accumulation of mineral deposits. These units require an additional support due to the large capacity of reservoir.



Customer supplies the submersible pump for the reservoir system. Click here for more information on pumps.

Different options of controls are available depending on application and can include intermittent water (pulsing) device and/or adj. thermostat control.

The CE-100 Models has an overflow fitting which may require the installation of a drain line to an existing condensate drain or waste vent. .

Each Cool Edge system is custom-made with individual customer needs and specifications accommodated. Multiple unit systems, pad thickness, electrical components, pressure switch or thermostats are but a few of the "custom" features available.


  • Float valve
  • Mesh pump basket
  • Brass drain with overflow tube
  • Pump hose clamp
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